day1-1I’ve been slacking a bit on the photo front at home. Not that I haven’t been using my camera, but I feel like a lot of my photos have been a bit reptitive. Usually, I’ll break out my camera while Liam is playing on the floor with legos or other such toys. And while those are great memories, I know that I can do more. I’ve decided to really challenge myself over the next 365 days to really take some photos that are different.

Today, I felt like it was only approperiate to capture the stuffed animal that caused a middle of the night (I really don’t know what time it was because I was too afraid to look at the clock) wake-up call because it was suddenly missing. Of course it was just under some covers and thankfully Liam went back to bed without a problem. I wish I could say the same for myself.

My goal is to use my DSLR every day, but if I use my iPhone camera every once in awhile, I think I’ll be okay with that too. The point is just to get out there and capture the moment. I can’t wait to see the improvements that I make over this next year.

Here are a couple runner ups for my day 1 photo.

day1-2 day1-3


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