Project 365 – Day 33

day33-5Today was the first day since I started this project that I really didn’t want to pull out the camera. After a longish day of waiting around at work for a family to be ready for pictures, I was kind of done with the camera. But Liam wanted to play outside again this evening and I made myself bring the camera outside with us. And I’m glad that I did. I can’t ask for better light than this. I’m going to miss these semi-cool evenings when summer really hits. day33-1 day33-2 day33-3 day33-4

Project 365 – Day 32 – Happy Memorial Day

day32-12Are you ready for a huge photo dump? Today we celebrated Memorial Day. We remembered the brave men and women who died so that we could have the freedoms we enjoy today. This morning we spent the day planting some new flowers for the front and back planters. Then this afternoon Liam really wanted to play in the pool. Thankfully we were able to find a shady spot to relax (kiddie) poolside while he splashed around. Stephen made some amazing pulled pork and then we went back outside some more for a water fight among the boys. All in all, a perfect way to kick off summer.day32-2 day32-3 day32-4 day32-5 day32-6 day32-7 day32-8 day32-9 day32-10 day32-11 day32-13 day32-14 day32-15 day32-16 day32-17 day32-18 day32-19 day32-20 day32-21 day32-22 day32-23 day32-24 day32-25 day32-26 day32-27 day32-28 day32-29 day32-30 day32-31 day32-32 day32-33 day32-34 day32-35

Project 365 – Day 30

day30-1-2We spent another morning at Lewis Ginter today because it was GORGEOUS! Low 70s and sunny? Can’t beat it! We had a lot of fun exploring the butterflies and the different gardens. I really had a hard time choosing my photo today. I feel like I could have chosen any of the following photos, but I choose this one because this butterfly made me work for this shot. He kept wanting to fly from flower to flower. Also today is Day 30! I’m really proud of myself for not missing a day so far. I love pulling my camera out each day and just capturing something that represents that day. I hope that you guys aren’t bored with my endless pictures each day.day30-1day30-2day30-3day30-4day30-5day30-6day30-8day30-9

Project 365 – Day 28

day28-1Today is Liam’s last day of 3s Preschool. I can’t believe we’re already at the end of the school year. Liam has made a lot of good friends this year and has had 2 amazing teachers. I cannot express how much I love the school that we found for him. He has grown so much in the last few months. I can’t wait to see what next year brings.preschool

Project 365 – Day 27

day27-3Today, Liam woke up and wanted to make a pie. To be honest, he’s been bugging me to make a pie for the last couple of days. But I kept putting it off because we didn’t really have anything to make a pie. Finally today he wore me down and we needed something to occupy our time today. So for simplicities sake, we made a pumpkin pie (that way I didn’t have to cut up any fruit and yes I know it’s the middle of May. Sometimes you just need some pumpkin pie!). He was really excited to help out with the dumping and stirring. He even told me at one point that he couldn’t look at me because he had to pay attention to the bowl he was mixing.day27-1day27-4day27-5day27-6day27-7day27-8day27-9day27-10day27-11day27-12

Project 365 – Day 25

day25-2I thought I would get a jump start this morning on my photo of the day. However, even though I was able to take the photo early this morning during breakfast I haven’t had a chance to actually post anything until 3:40 in the afternoon. I’ve been running around all morning and afternoon trying to get this loan stuff figured out for the car that we purchased yesterday and it all just seems like a big headache right now. Plus with Stephen being in DC for the remainder of the day and me having to work in the AM, there just seems like there’s no time to get this all settled. Here’s to a less stressful evening I guess. Where’s the wine?day25-1