Project 365 – Day 295


We went to the doctor again today (3rd time in 4 days), and we finally got some good news. He is finally on the mend. She said that she could still hear a little bit of wheezing, but all the pneumonia sounds were gone. He got the all clear to go back to school next week, but I think what he was most excited about was that he didn’t need a shot! He was also excited to get all of his Valentines from his friends.

Project 365 – Day 294


Nana was nice enough to come over today to give me a bit of a break. She also brought over some new Lego sets for Liam. Hopefully this will help with the constant, “I’m bored” statements. I really hope we can get the all clear from the doctor tomorrow to let him out of the house. I think a change of scenery would be good for him (and us).

Writing his Valentines

Project 365 – Day 293


We finally got a diagnosis yesterday. Liam has pneumonia. The doctor said that he was wheezing and had a lot of congestion in his lungs. She also said that his throat had a lot of puss all over his tonsils. He ended up getting 2 shots of antibiotics and he’s on prednisone, a nebulizer and an oral antibiotic. We went back today and she said he was doing better but that he still has a way to go. He got another round of antibiotics and now we don’t have to go back until Friday. The hard part now is keeping him entertained because he’s bored of everything! At least we got to make some Valentines to take to his class to be handed out on Friday. I really hope he can go back to school next Tuesday!

Project 365 – Day 292


I really thought we were in the clear last night. He was doing great most of the day. He was eating and playing, but then as I was leaving to go out with Jenn his fever came back. I’m just so lost right now. I want my kid to feel better. I don’t know what is wrong and why he’s not getting better by now. I broke down in tears this morning because there are just so many mysteries. I just want some answers and guidance about what to do. Being an adult sucks!

Project 365 – Day 289


He’s still not feeling 100%. He did at least have some energy this morning and afternoon, but around 3pm he started to get tired and the fever came back. I really thought he was on the up swing for this sickness. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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