Summer is Coming

Sitting in the pool

Although summer doesn’t start for another month, we are finally starting to feel some warmth after being drenched with historic amounts of rainfall. Liam loved playing in the pool most of the afternoon yesterday and I thoroughly enjoyed relaxing in the shade. I wish summer was like this every day. I dread the day the humidity comes. But for now, we’ll enjoy the sunshine.

Throwing water

Project 365 – Day 22

day22-2Liam loves checking on the mama duck at Lewis Ginter. I really hope her eggs hatch soon because I can’t wait to see a bunch of baby ducklings. Also the roses were in full bloom today and I was blessed with a cooler, cloudy morning. day22-1day22-3day22-4day22-5

Project 365 – Day 7

day7-5I had a rare cloudy morning to myself today so I took another trip over to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens to take my photo of the day. It was nice because I could actually take my time to view some of the gardens without a little 4 year old pestering me to keep moving. They were starting to take out some of the tulip flower beds and some of the other flowers aren’t quite in bloom yet, but overall it was a pretty morning walk.day7-1 day7-2 day7-3 day7-4