rainy day

Project 365 – Day 43

day43-18This morning we had Liam’s gym show. It’s nothing big, but they have the kids do all of their gymnastics and at the end they get a trophy. I’m really impressed with how much he has improved over the last year. He really looks forward to it every week. After gym, we went to Lewis Ginter again. It has been raining for 3 days straight so it was great to get outside. Plus all the flowers were covered in raindrops so it made for some amazing photos.day43-1 day43-2 day43-3 day43-4 day43-5 day43-6 day43-7 day43-8 day43-9 day43-10 day43-11 day43-12 day43-13 day43-14 day43-20 day43-21 day43-22 day43-23

Project 365 – Day 2

day2-3After breakfast this morning, we went over to Nana’s house for a bit to look and see if the eggs in her bird house had hatched yet. While we were there, Liam decided he wanted to play in the rain some. So nice to see him enjoying the rain for once.

Here’s Liam looking at the bird nest: day2-1