Last night, Liam decided he wanted to start playing with the Lincoln Logs he got for Christmas. We had put them away for awhile because he didn’t know exactly how to build with them since he was so used to playing with Legos. I was a little skeptical last night that I was going to end up building everything for him (and I did end up building a lot), but there was just something that clicked for him and he ended up building a couple houses. He even asked if we could play with them again this morning.

There are times that Liam just amazes me with his creativity. Today was definitely one of those days. He started by making a small house (pictured below). And then he turned it into this huge farm. All the little logs that you see standing up are different kinds of animals. He was so proud of himself and even asked me to take a picture of it. I can’t wait to see what else he’ll create with this “new” toy.