Project 365 – Day 169

day169-2This weekend is the last days of the Butterflies LIVE! exhibit at Lewis Ginter. I tried to get over there last night but unfortunately traffic was not my friend. Thankfully I was able to scoot over there this morning before it got too hot out. day169-1 day169-3 day169-4

Project 365 – Day 60

day60-6I got a little bit of time to myself this evening, so I trucked it over to Lewis Ginter before they closed. It was super hot and it was not any better in the butterfly exhibit. But they had some new species out today so it was great to see that. Today is also my 60th day. In 60 days I have not missed taking a photo for a single day. I can’t imagine that that is how the rest of the 306 days will go but it’s a good start.day60-1 day60-2 day60-3 day60-4 day60-5 day60-7 day60-8 day60-9

Project 365 – Day 30

day30-1-2We spent another morning at Lewis Ginter today because it was GORGEOUS! Low 70s and sunny? Can’t beat it! We had a lot of fun exploring the butterflies and the different gardens. I really had a hard time choosing my photo today. I feel like I could have chosen any of the following photos, but I choose this one because this butterfly made me work for this shot. He kept wanting to fly from flower to flower. Also today is Day 30! I’m really proud of myself for not missing a day so far. I love pulling my camera out each day and just capturing something that represents that day. I hope that you guys aren’t bored with my endless pictures each day.day30-1day30-2day30-3day30-4day30-5day30-6day30-8day30-9