Project 365 – Day 313


Today we went out to vote in the Presidential Primary. I think it’s important for Liam to see how the election process works and to know how important it is to make sure that our voice is heard. After, we spent some time outside because it was gorgeous!


Project 365 – Day 312


I am so ready for this month to be over with already and of course this year had to be a leap year. I took Liam back to the doctor’s office again today because he had a runny nose and cough all weekend. I wasn’t too worried about it until he was coughing through the night. Thankfully the doctor said his lungs were perfectly clear, but he has an ear infection and his throat was pretty nasty looking too. She didn’t think it was strep though, but if it was, he’s on antibiotics for his ear. I really really really hope this is the end of all this sickness. I’m ready for spring!

Project 365 – Day 308


For his birthday at school next week, Liam wanted me to make creeper face cupcakes. I had to do a trial run first to make sure that it was something that could be done considering I’m not the best at this sort of thing. I think they turned out pretty good.

Liam and his cupcake
Taking a bite
Creeper cupcake
Showing off his "green" tooth
Creeper face

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