Last week, Liam spotted the cups of Play-doh that were sitting in the pantry. We pulled them out and I put Liam up in his chair at the table. Then I did the unthinkable. I pulled the Play-doh out of the container. Liam starts shouting, “No! No! No! Back!”

I do as he pleases, thinking that maybe I just pulled out the wrong color (you can never be too sure with toddlers). I tried again, this time with the red Play-doh. I started showing him that you could mold it and flatten it, but Liam was having none of it.

On the verge of giving up completely, I thought why the hell not. I’ll just give him the cups and see if that’s what he wants. And what do you know, the little stink bot just wanted to stack the cups on top of each other.

Another lesson learned….by Mom…

IMG_7422 IMG_7430 IMG_7446 Liam telling me that he wants to take a picture.


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