Project 365 – Day 23

day23-1I really thought that I was going to miss my photo today. Between working all day (taking photos of newborns no less) and then grabbing something to eat, I knew that getting a photo in today was going to be a challenge. Thankfully I was able to capture this sweet moment between Stephen and Liam while they were reading before bedtime today. Sometimes in fun to be the fly on the wall.day23-2

Project 365 – Day 22

day22-2Liam loves checking on the mama duck at Lewis Ginter. I really hope her eggs hatch soon because I can’t wait to see a bunch of baby ducklings. Also the roses were in full bloom today and I was blessed with a cooler, cloudy morning. day22-1day22-3day22-4day22-5

Project 365 – Day 19

day19-2The kids at preschool spent most of the morning outside today. When Liam got home he was pretty whacked out, we laid down on the couch for a few minutes. Unfortunately it didn’t last too long, but he keeps going back and forth between playing and laying down. day19-4

Project 365 – Day 18

day18-1Because I’m crazy, I decided to schedule Liam’s 4 year old visit the day after Mother’s Day. The poor kid wasn’t feeling 100% but he wasn’t running a fever so he was cleared for his immunizations. He did really well up until the shots, but I think that’s to be expected of a 4 year old. He did such a great job at the doctor that he got some new Star Wars legos.


Project 365 – Day 17 – Happy Mother’s Day

day17-2Happy Mother’s Day! Today Liam really wanted to make me breakfast. Unfortunately I had to run up to the hospital to finish up a phoot shoot for a mom. He settled for helping Dad make dinner. Liam did a great job making the marinade for the chicken and then later pounding the chicken thin. The fajitas that Stephen and Liam made were delicious!day17-1day17-4day17-5day17-6day17-7day17-8day17-9

Project 365 – Day 15

day15-3 My aunts were in town this weekend from Michigan, so we decided to take another trip over to Lewis Ginter (we have a membership, might as well use it). It was nice that the butterfly house wasn’t too crowded today. Liam was able to use one of the magnifying glasses for awhile. I really wish we could get there together on a cloudy day. It would make pictures so much easier lol.day15-1day15-2day15-4day15-5day15-6

Project 365 – Day 14

day14-1I really need to try and focus on taking more landscape photos. It seems every picture I have of Liam is a portrait. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it would be nice to have a little more variety. I guess that’s something to work on over the next week. Here’s Liam with the spaceship he built while we watched the Tigers game this afternoon.


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